Veuve in Tow & Ready To Go

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Thoughts

I never really understood the whole “drinking to get drunk” concept. Like is your life that miserable and pathetic that you are willing to consume any type of stimulant or sedative in order to escape it for a whole night? If so, then you should consult a shrink or Oprah. But honestly, why do people need to be on the floor passed out to have a good time? In other cultures people drink socially, to help keep conversations flowing and let loose a little, not to become belligerent and a mess that your friends are responsible to take care of for the remainder of the night. I could understand if this was a rare occasion, but most are drinking away their brain cells and any rational behavior one shot at a time. Get tipsy, maybe a little incoherent, it’s fun, but when your stomach needs to get pumped… it’s a little too far.

Another thing, most college students end up spending their weekends at some lame house party wearing a frat shirt and drinking extremely cheap alcohol, which is tacky and super gross. I understand that the majority of students studying at a university have other financial responsibilities than paying for a good time, but I would rather stay in with a couple friends watching Mean Girls than pour paint thinner into my trachea. Granted, not all colleges are located in a city where there is civilization, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. First off, I’m pretty sure it’s like a law of physics that for every school there is at least 3 liquor stores in proximity. One of those is bound to have something else besides lighter fluid. May I suggest a nice bottle of wine, emphasis on the bottle? Perhaps Patron? Maybe some Grey Goose? I know bottles can get expensive, but that’s why you go halfies on the AMEX with your best friend.

An ideal weekend for me would be three straight nights out clubbing where the bottles just keep pouring. I could start on a Thursday and go to Saturday, or Friday until Sunday, depending on the stress of the concluding week and the work that lays ahead in the next. My Daddy always remarked on my innate taste for the most expensive things, which is probably why I would prefer a bottle of Dom Perignon rather than some mixed drink with a meretricious name like Sex on the Beach. There is something chic and elegant about popping open a bottle of champagne, and letting the bubbles fizz down your throat… not that I would know, it can really elevate a night to a whole other level. So the next time you are making plans for the weekend, just remember if you have a bottle of Veuve in tow, then you are ready to go.