The Real World

by | May 30, 2014 | Thoughts

The Real World– Often referred to by teachers employed at private educational institutions to their privileged, high-society students in reference to life post-daddy’s amex. I’m currently #resorting in the “real world” this summer… or at least until Daddy has a change of heart on how to spend his pocket money. It’s certainly no five star resort with amenities, in fact in comes with absolutely no accommodations. Everything you need you must do for yourself, including provide your own food and shelter. And forget about any wants being taken care of, there is no spa. It’s so horrible it makes the Jersey Shore look like the beaches of Mykonos. However, just like Jersey, I won’t let a little disaster ruin my summer because I too am #StrongerThanTheStorm.

So that you too aren’t in for a rude awakening, here’s what the travel agent doesn’t tell you when you book your trip to the real world (there’s a reason why I don’t like anything that is all-inclusive):

Annual Reviews- plainly, they suck. You listen to someone tell you what you’ve been doing wrong in your job for an entire year and find out that you didn’t get a raise, or if you did, it’s very small.

Accidents- apparently, they aren’t forgivable in the real world and they certainly do not go away without paying a hefty price, Daddy’s donations or the building named after your grandfather no longer means anything more than a simple tax right off.

The Money Tree- it doesn’t exist. If you spend a penny, you better have earned that penny first. Debt collectors might as well be the mafia.

Obama- he’s not your friend. The only change you can believe in, is that you can’t work more than 30 hours a week. #You’reWelcome

Due Dates- they aren’t suggestions, and if you miss them you can’t get an extension from the school counselor because you’re aunt is sick.

Work Hours- they also aren’t suggestions. No one cares that you were invited to a pool party on Saturday. Be there or be fired.

Don’t be discouraged though, I’m sure you’ll eventually find your place in the real world… or find yourself with a one way ticket back home to Daddy.

xx kj