A Series of Numbers

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Thoughts

Hello my sexy readers! I apologize for leaving you out in the dark for quite some time. However, it was my birthday and I decided to take some time off. I used this time to reflect on this new wisdom I gained from aging another year. One thing I discovered disturbed me a little, so I thought I would share.

When we are born, our parents bestow upon us a name which we will use throughout our lives. However, this is not the only identification we are given. I don’t think we realize how many different ID’s we are labeled with, which is why I took the liberty of creating a generic list for you.

  1. When we are born, we are given a nine digit social security number that the federal government uses to distinguish each citizen.
  2. When we go to primary school, high school, or even university we are given school ID numbers that we use to login to computers, access facilities, register for classes, and also distinguish ourselves amongst the thousands of other students.
  3. When we reach the legal driving age and pass the driving exam, we receive a license that contains another string of numbers the state uses to identify us.
  4. If we decide to travel abroad, we need a passport which has another identification number.
  5. When you browse the internet, you are nothing more than a IP address which is used to track your history and location.
  6. If you hold a rewards card, membership or are registered in a company’s system, you have a customer ID associated with your name, to store your personal information and track your purchases, membership, visits, etc.
  7. When you punch in at work, you are Employee XXX.
  8. If you participate in politics and vote, you have a voter registration number on your voter card.
  9. Even your phone number is another identification we have. Those 10 digits only call you.

There are so many more that I am leaving out. The reason why I decide to write about this is because it freaks me out. I always thought I was uniquely identified as “Kyle Jay” but reviewing the many different series of numbers I am associated with and identified as really makes you think just how unique you are. Even at the deli counter you have a number. Food for thought.