What Happened to Walking?

by | Sep 13, 2015 | Thoughts

The technology revolution (the term I am coining to refer to 2007-now) is changing human evolution. Our lives have completely evolved to depend on the technology we are creating and constantly replacing. Try to name two things that you use everyday that are not technological or could not be created without technology. Think about it. What would happen if the internet shut down for a day? The world would literally end. 100%. Technology is important, amazing, and has advanced us as a species. So when does technology become excessive instead of necessary? When do we go too far? Our older counterparts may argue that we already have with the invention of the smart phone or Google even. My generation would say not far enough. While I do agree that we have not gone far enough, I also fear that we invest too much into things that will harm us evolutionally (is that a word?). For example, the progression of automatic toys i.e. the self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter or motorized bikes/skateboards. I’ll be the first to admit that I ordered one of the scooters. However, it was a scam and I never received it (thank God for Amazon Customer Service). It looks cool and I’m sure is fun to use, but it’s not necessary. We don’t need it to get around. We already use transportation for distances (home to school), we don’t need it for short distances (class to class). We can walk to class, it won’t kill us. The popularity of these boards, in conjunction with seeing young kids riding bikes and skateboards that are actually motorized, and the developments of the self-driving car make me fear that we are close to becoming too lazy.

Personally, I do not want to be some mindless blob being transported around by robots. I would rather (dare I say it) workout and walk more than become this. Is this really going to happen? Who knows. If it does, it certainly won’t be when I am alive. Am I being dramatic? 100% but forgive me for caring about the future of our population.