Here’s Why You Can’t Get Rid of Trump

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Thoughts

President-Elect Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States. Period. Regardless of your feelings on the outcome of the election and him, you have to get over them and accept the truth. Getting over it means: stop protesting, stop saying he is not your president, stop signing a petition to convince the electoral college to cast their votes for Hillary, and stop with #Calexit. Let me break it down:

1) The electors for the electoral college are chosen by each party. It would make sense that when choosing their electors, they base their decision on party loyalty and shared beliefs. Therefore, signing a petition to try to convince the electors chosen by the Republican Party to vote for Hillary Clinton is a waste of time.

2) Donald Trump will be sworn into office in January. If you are a US Citizen and/or live in the United States, he will be your president. Just because you say otherwise does not change this fact. Pretend the US is a plane and being a resident is like being a passenger. In this analogy, The President is the pilot. Not acknowledging him as your pilot does not change the fact that he is your pilot. Furthermore, not wishing him success is like not wishing the pilot success. Do you really want the pilot to crash the plane? Probably not.

Follow the lead of those you respect. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both have directed the American people to give him respect and the opportunity to lead the nation.

3) Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble are your rights granted by the First Amendment. The protests happening around the country are understandable but are not productive. As explained in the above points, it will not change anything. The message of the protests should be refocused towards policies and agendas. Protest the changes that can be made and that you want made. Using the same plane analogy, you cannot protest who the pilot is but you can protest the destination of the plane.

Also, #Calexit is a stupid idea and would fail instantly. Find out why.